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My Studio

About Me

My goal is to provide a comfortable space for all ages to create art with our guided events or on your own. Our art & crafts studio is an alcohol-free space. There are many places that offer the typical "sip & pour" painting experience. I wanted to take a different approach. With the mounting addiction epidemic in our country, I wanted to provide a different type of studio. A studio that offers a sober option for enjoying the creative process. 

Art is more than just a finished product. It is a creative process that offers an outlet. A relief for the stresses of every day life. A space to create something that is a representation of you. Studies show that taking part in creativity can help in stress, anxiety, depression & chronic pain. It has also shown to have many positive impacts on child development at all stages. So join me as I embark on this artistic journey! Take some time for yourself to enjoy the benefits of the creative process!

How I Got Started

Art has always been a part of my life. I have always loved to paint & craft but for myself or loved ones. Once the COVID pandemic shut things down, I had more time on my hands to do the things I enjoyed. As I created, I built up quite a collection of items so I decided to take part in local farmer's markets as well as sell items online. It was exciting to be able to share my art with others. In early 2021, a wonderful woman named Ruth encouraged me to start doing paint party events. We worked together to create some unique events that offered a relaxing experience to all skill levels.
With the world around us changing at an alarming rate, it has become so important to care for ourselves not only physically but mentally as well. My goal with my studio is to offer unique space that provide fun, relaxing experiences for all ages & skill levels. Creativity is about the journey not just the finished product. Enjoy the process!

Art & Craft Studio
"CREATE" Wall Art
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