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K&A Creations: Walk-In Crafts

Do you want to find a fun activity for the whole family? K&A Creations offers walk-in crafts at our studio in New Bedford, MA. No appointment is necessary. Walk-in crafts are available anytime during our open hours for your convenience. We have shelves of crafts for you to select from, and each person can choose their own. K&A Creations walk-in crafts are perfect for all ages and skill levels, and our studio is kid-friendly and wheelchair-accessible.


Maybe you're looking for something unique to do with the grandkids. K&A Creations walk-in crafts is an excellent choice for an outing with grandma and grandpa. It's also ideal for class trips, toddler groups, homeschool groups, and playdates. We make it easy. Drop-in, pick your project, and paint. Our crafts are similar to ceramics, but they quickly dry. Plus, you don't need anything but non-toxic acrylic paint to complete the project. Why not stop by and try our walk-in crafts today?

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